UCSD infectious diseases fellow Eli Aronoff-Spencer, MD (left), and Dr. Manuel Joaquim Tomás, UEM internal medicine resident on hospital ward in Maputo. Photo courtesy of William M. Detmer, M.D., M.Sc.


The Treyscope is a UC San Diego student designed project as part of the senior mechanical engineering design course MAE 156B. The course involves bringing in outside sponsors to fund student projects. More information can be found at the course site here.

The Treyscope project is sponsored by Dr. Eliah Aronoff-Spencer of UC San Diego’s Department of Infectious Diseases. Dr. Spencer works with colleagues at Mozambique’s Universidade Eduardo Mondlane with the goal of strengthening the medical infrastructure. Dr. Spencer has tasked the team to develop a three in one brightfield and fluorescent microscope along with a spectroscope to support the project. Read more about the medical effort in Mozambique here